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Information Technology

At BEX our services are carefully planned, designed and built so that they touch the right areas of your business, bringing visibility, consistency and additional value to your operation.

How our IT Can Help You?

In the world of courier, processes and efficiencies are vital, and partnering with a courier supplier that can manage their operation effectively is a wise move. Not only does this approach help ensure a reliable service, it also offers stability and quality of service on which you can grow your business.

Herewith some of the key IT components that put BEX at the cutting edge of courier IT and that enable us to meet our customers varied requirements.

Inhouse Development

BEX has a team of local inhouse developers working full time on core components, no outsourcing to external businesses or foreign countries.

This gives us complete control of the code and development of system components. Our I.T couldn't be in safer hands...

Having developed our IT courier systems internally, we are able to leverage this position to meet the exact demands and requirements of our customers

Jonathan Davis, BEX IT Director

BEX system owned and developed internally

Latest Web Technologies

The latest web technologies are used allowing for program access from any web enabled device.

As a result this provides simplified and convenient application access for all system users.

Easily accessible software from any web enabled device

Reporting Engine

BEX Extracts and transfers a number of automated reports to our customers each day. These reports allow our customers to keep their fingers on the pulse of their distributions. We work closely with our customers so as to tailor their reports so that they remain effective by providing valuable and meaningful information that is delivered automatically to the relevant staff.

This powerful reporting engine caters for a host of reporting needs. Some of the features that we offer are:

Mobile Platform

Delivery and package routing information is fed realtime into our courier systems watchful eye. This platform brings a number of benefits both to the customer and ourselves here at BEX.

  • BEX has a team of local inhouse developers working full time on core components, no outsourcing to external businesses or foreign countries.
  • Instant notification of delivery events
  • We tailor our system so as to provide our customers with e-mail, sms or system integrated messages that contain proof of delivery information
  • An electronic screen image of the recipients signature is available, as well as the co-ordinates on a map showing the position where the goods acceptance took place
  • Unsuccessful or returned shipments are also reported and realtime notification of these events is also possible
  • Imaging of receiver documentation is possible at delivery time. An example would be the scanning of a receivers green barcoded ID book and the imaging of a utility bill for FICA purposes
  • Additional measurement parameters surrounding the usage of the vehicle, kilometres and route driven etc... so as to ensure that our customers receive as fast a service as possible
  • Scale with our customers: Whether you send one flyer, or a thousand boxes, the mobile system keeps an accurate audit of what is contained in the vehicle and what has been delivered, thus eliminating clumsy delivery and package acceptance handovers
Intricate management throughout the delivery process is achievable through the BEX mobile device technologies

A host of other benefits

Our IT software is developed with the customer in mind. Additional features include the ability for us to customise the courier logic. We are able to tailor make the delivery process to suit the clients needs, such as the delivery on clients documentation. With our system, we support, and encourage customisations to add value to the client's operation.

Additionally to this, the system is designed for integrations. It is a modular system design geared towards rapid development and quick turnaround times for code releases and updates. Offering API tools and interfaces that cater for a host of customer needs, i.e. quoting, tracking, reporting.

Web based platform