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e-Commerce Logistics

Electronic commerce and the use of the world wide web is increasing rapidly around the globe year on year. We have seen significant growth in online shopping in South Africa and many consumers are adopting online shopping practices.

We believe that the eCommerce retailer is only as good as the courier service provider they select. Through years of experience and product development, we at BEX understand the intricacies of the e-commerce chain and have developed our e-commerce products so as to offer the customers an innovative, cost effective and reliable service. We believe that our products and services make us the ideal fulfillment partner for online retailers.

Below are just some of the reasons BEX is able to meet the needs of this market.

eCommerce Features

1. Integrations

We do all the hard work to ensure that we seamlessly plug into your backend systems. Integration is the name of the game and we ensure that our I.T courier systems communicate directly, and in sync with your online purchasing systems.

It is a driving force behind our eCommerce support services. Here are some of the features of the BEX online product.

  • Seamless Integrations
  • Realtime information
  • Dynamic Quoting System
  • Communication engine provides feedback to customers

2. Mobile Device Technology

Our drivers' are equipped with mobile devices that offer seamless tracking throughout the delivery process. Therefore a client excited to receive their newly purchased goods can be kept fully up to date as to the status of their shipment.

Through the use of sms technologies and email alerts, your client can be assured that their order is safe with BEX.

3. Delivery Standards

Your clients are our clients. We ensure that delivery standards are maintained and delivery takes place as and when promised.

From Saturday services to Overnight courier, we can meet the demanding expectations of your online customers.

4. Network

Wherever your client are, we are. Our extensive network ensures that we are able to deliver products to any destination required.

Be it a designer scarf to a major centre such as Cape Town, or a tractor spare part delivery to a remote area, our network has it covered.

5. Business Management

As per the other spheres of our business and delivery services, we offer numerous tools to assist with the management of your account.

From weekly invoices and statements to reports and key account management, information is available at your fingertips.


For larger clients BEX provides an inhouse software solution. A specially trained member of staff from BEX is based on-site at the clients premises so as to manage, monitor and process all courier shipments. The BEX employee is responsible for the data capture of shipment information into the BEX inhouse software program. This specialist software allows BEX to capture and process information regarding the clients shipments into the BEX database before our vehicle arrives back at the BEX depot after collection. This improves our efficiencies tremendously and brings about a number of benefits for both BEX and the client.

Benefits of a BEX Inhouse